Library Revealed
Information specialist Sara Kannisto introduces the ephemera collection
Follow the rotation of library staff from one unit to another
Learn how books are retrieved from the Feeniks storages,
with the guidance of Jukka Karhu and Emira Gunic
 Anne-Mari Salmela, the team leader of metadata team,
reveals what metadata is and why is it important for libraries
The connection between library and Current research
information system is explained by Library Secretary Mitja Haimila
Library Secretary Mika Penttinen tells us how interlibrary loans work
Take a look at how information specialist
Leeni Lehtiö teaches information literacy
Riitta Mynttinen from the Acquisition-team of the library reveals
how library supplies information resources to units
Sari Hakala shows what happens in libraries before they have been opened
Krista Voitto from library's Publishing Services reveals,
what library does to thesis abstracts