Extensive information resources at your disposal
In the ResearchGuides, we have collected information and links according to discipline. Here you can find
  • articles and journals
  • reference works and books
  • other important tools
  • information about topical issues and other seminal sources of information

It is also possible to conduct searches in Volter database through the ResearchGuides.

All books and journals, whether electronic or printed, can be found through Volter.

Also electronic dictionaries, reference works and databases are accessible through Volter.

In addition to this you can browse a large part of the Library's printed resources in open shelves in the different library units.

You can use the same library card in all of the library units.

Anything printed in Finland

The University of Turku Library is one of the libraries mentioned in the Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Materials as being entitled to a so-called legal deposit of all printed material in Finland. This means that the Library owns at least one copy of every book or magazine that has been printed in Finland since 1919. Furthermore, the Legal Deposit Collection also contains subcollections of newspapers and ephemera, as well as the electronic Radio and Television Archive.

Questions and contacts

Despite our extensive collections, it may, of course, be that you cannot find some resource you need. In such cases, you can suggest that we acquire it.

If you want to donate material to the Library, please contact the information specialist responsible for the field of research in question. Unfortunately, the Library cannot accept all donations, but we do evaluate every offered donation individually.

We are happy to answer any questions concerning our information resources. The easiest way to contact us is by sending an e-mail to