Acquisition of e-books

What is an e-book?

  • E-book is a file containing the contents of the book in a digital form.
  • For reading you need data terminal equipment which can be a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or a reading device. Reading an e-book is most pleasant on the reading device or tablet that has been designed for this purpose.
  • The e-books licensed by the library can be downloaded to these devices. Restricted parts of the downloaded books can also usually be printed. All publishers do not allow downloading so there can be book-specific differences inside the services.

Why to acquire an e-book?

It improves the availability and achievability of course books:

  • no more queues
  • no more due dates or fees
  • no need to return
  • speeds up studying and graduating
  • pleasant to read on tablets

It improves information retrieval from the books:

  • enables full text searches using keywords
  • e-reader application enables reading offline, note keeping, underlining etc.

It enables studying regardless of time and space:

  • no more huge piles of books
  • no need for a lot of table space, e-books travel with you on your laptop/tablet 

Students constantly request e-books (e.g. feedback from LibQual enquiries)

How to propose the acquisition of an e-book?

You can make acquisition requests of e-books with our electronic request form.

Acquaint yourself with different acquisition models at the e-book guide of ResearchGuides.

Additional information:
Head of library acquisitions
Tiina Eklund
tel. +358 2 333 6163, +358 50 307 1872