Acquisition of Resources

The library develops its collections in cooperation with the staff and students by utilizing the clientele's expertise. Therefore we are happy to receive acquisition requests for new resources. According to library's information resources policy, we acquire primarily electronic resources.

The acquisition requests of research literature and course books can be made using our electronic forms. If you would like to request a journal or a database, please, contact the library's acquisitions team, tel. 029 450 3722.

For degree requirements it is advisable to choose electronic books. The library has access to numerous e-book services containing hundreds of thousands of books from several publishers. In most services, we can buy individual books according to the teachers' preferences.

A wide e-book selection improves the availability and achievability of course books:

  • no more queues
  • no more due dates or fees
  • no need to return
  • speeds up studying and graduating
  • pleasant to read on tablets

Apart from this, e-books improve information retrieval and enable studying regardless of time and space:

  • enables full text searches using keywords
  • e-reader application enables reading offline, note keeping, underlining etc.
  • no more huge piles of books
  • no need for a lot of table space, e-books travel with you on your laptop/tablet

Acquaint yourself with different acquisition models at the e-book guide of ResearchGuides.

The library also acquires resources for the departments upon request. You can make a request by using the department/unit acquisition form. The department can also make the acquisition independently. All acquisitions are made through channels selected after an invitation to tender. The information about the location of the resources can be saved in the library catalogue Volter. For more information, please, see the University intranet.