Legal Deposits

​According to the Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Materials, the University of Turku Library is one of the Finnish libraries entitled to so-called legal deposits. This means, that the Library owns at least one copy of all books and magazines printed in Finland since 1919. The Legal Deposit Collection also contains all Finnish-language newspapers printed in Finland between 1919 and 2007.

The so-called Fennica Collection is located in closed storage, but a large part of it is accessible anyway. The main gateway to finding the Fennica resources is through the Volter database. The newspaper collection is also described more thoroughly (in Finnish only) in its own ResearchGuide.

The Fennica Collection further contains one of the largest ephemera collections in the country. This collection is also described more thoroughly in its own ResearchGuide (in Finnish only).

Furthermore, special workstations in the Teutori and Feeniks Libraries provide access to the Radio and Television Archive, which preserves Finnish television and radio culture, and to the Archive of Online materials, where Finnish websites are collected.