Accessible library services – check out the library’s accessibility web pages

​Moving around in the library

Are there disabled parking spaces near Teutori? How to access Feeniks Library with a wheelchair? Information on how to access the various customer service points is available onthe library’s accessibility web pages.

Online services

Can I reserve books from my home computer or do I have to come to the library ? How do I access electronic books from outside the university network? Information about our web services is also available on the library’s website.

Induction loop

There is a transferable induction loop at the customer service points of the Teutori Library, Educarium Library and the Turku School of Economics Library. An induction loop aids hearing disabled customers by transmitting an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field.

Textbook services for print disabled students

Have you been diagnosed with dyslexia and need more time to read the course book? The University Library provides loan period extensions for textbooks when you submit a copy of your certificate of dyslexia or the recommendation of the university accessibility planner to the library. You will get a one-week extension for your first loan of a course book with a loan period of two weeks, that is, the loan period will be 3 weeks. After that it will be possible to renew the loan, if there are no reservations to it. The loan period extension does not apply to renewals.

Book fetching service

Do you have a physical disability, which makes it difficult for you to visit the various library units? If you wish, you can make a book request and have books from any other Turku university library be delivered to the library of your choice. For more information, please visit the library’s website.

Celia Library services

Is the printed text difficult to read ? Did you know that you can borrow textbooks free of charge from Celia Library , a Finnish state-owned special  library? The Celia library produces and provides literature in accessible formats.
The majority of Celia's university textbooks are DaisyTrio books in audio format, also containing the text and the pictures of the book. So it is possible to listen to the book and follow simultaneously the text on the screen.
In order to borrow you need to register at Celia and submit a copy of your authorized statement of print disability to the library.
As a customer, you will have access to Celianet online service, including a collection of 40 000 talking books. Via Celia’s Vera service you will get online audio books for free. The audiobooks are available for streaming in a browser or downloading to a computer. The downloaded books can also be transferred, for example, to a memory stick.
If the compulsory textbook you need does not exist in Celianet or anywhere else in an accessible format, an accessible item will be produced in Celia.
It will take about 3 months to complete a new course or textbook.
We will be glad to help you with using Celia’s services!
Published date 9/12/2017 9:00 AM ,  Modified date 9/12/2017 9:00 AM