Business Source Complete - Are you interested in brands, business angels, organisational theories, consumer behavior or neuromarketing?

​Business Source Complete offers a wide selection of sources in the field of business and economics. The database includes almost 2 000 scholarly journals by various publishers but also magazines, newspapers and trade publications. All along there are almost 4000 journals on offer. Many journals are available in full text for a wide date period, for example the Harvard Business Review’s articles are available in full text from 1922 to present.

In addition to journals, Business Source Complete includes also other sources, for example company profiles, reports, working paper series, case-studies, SWOT analyses, conference proceedings and country reports. There are also Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series -videos available.

Business Source Complete is one of the most used databases in business and economics – in the year 2013 there were averagely hundreds of articles downloads every day!

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Published date 11/19/2014 8:30 AM ,  Modified date 11/19/2014 8:34 AM