EIMA for pop culture studies

​Turku University Library has recently acquired EIMA Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive. You will find EIMA in Nelli portal and ResearchGuides with the name EIMA Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive.

Information Specialist Katri Ojaniemi asked the Cultural Studies researchers Kari Kallioniemi and Rami Mähkä about their experiences on using EIMA. According to them, the resource has been received with enthusiasm and it is very useful to research.

Excellent resource for the new degree pathway

”Popular culture studies is currently one of the focus areas at the University of Turku.  During this autumn also started the new international program “Popular Culture Studies Master’s Degree Pathway”. In addition, many theses on popular culture are currently under way in different departments”, states Researcher Kari Kallioniemi and continues: ”The access to the archive of digitized Anglo-American music and film magazine is a real advantage to researchers  and teachers. Especially in Finland these resources have been hard to get. ”
”Trade papers are valuable research material for the popular culture and media studies. EIMA includes several core trade magazines dating from the 20th century, such as ”Variety”, ”Billboard”, ”Broadcasting” and ”The Stage”. In addition to the trade papers, there are also consumer and fan magazines. For the research of popular music the UK music press titles “New Musical Express” and “MelodyMaker” are interesting sources. A selection of more specialist magazines, such as “Rave”, “The Beat” or “Mixmag”,  give the coverage of musical genres and eras”, states Researcher Rami Mähkä.

Digitized resources allow quick and easy access for researchers

”In networked research digital resources are important, because researchers will be able to access the same resource, which enhances collaboration among researchers. This EIMA resource is very useful for the research conducted at IIPC, for the PhD Programme in Popular Culture Studies and for the International  Study  Path on Popular Culture”. Especially valuable it is for the current project ”Thatcherism, Popular Culture and 1980s” that I am leading”, emphasizes Kallioniemi.

”We tried some searches related to the project ”Thatcherism, Popular Culture and 1980s” and the results are excellent. Using just the main keywords brought hundreds of hits.  We could mention some articles that are central to our project to show how the articles from the 1980s reflect the spirit and views of that era”, says Kallioniemi.

”The keyword Thatcher, for example, brought an article from the magazine ”The Stage and Television” dating from 1984, where Thatcher praises the medium as a creator of wealth. Furthermore, a  search with the word Thatcherism found an article – there were over 300 hits – which is maybe more familiar. It is called “This is getting beyond a joke” and addresses the actions of the conservatives and critics of popular culture”, continues Mähkä.

”When the search result is as large as this, it is possible to focus search. In EIMA, you can narrow results, e.g. to articles or news. You can also browse issues. It is also possible to limit search to a specific publication or publication date. Researcher can select items and save searches and results easily”, hints Mähkä.

Subjects: Film industry, music business, rock and pop, jazz and blues, theater, television and radio.

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Published date 12/18/2014 11:10 AM ,  Modified date 12/2/2016 11:43 AM