Electronic handbooks and encyclopedias - information packages from all fields of Natural Sciences

Electronic reference books or handbooks provide comprehensive and basic information on a particular subject area. They provide a good overview of the subject as well as a chance to become familiar with the subject specific terminology. eReference books can be used to define concepts in scientific writing as well as to explore the topic in more detail. eReference book publishers include Springer, Wiley, Sage and Elsevier.

The majority of eReference books provide a direct citations import into a reference management program. Some reference books have Metrics information available, such as Springer's e-reference works, which can provide data based on citations, mentions and also on Mendeley reader numbers.

The Turku University Library has recently acquired a number of new eReference books in the Natural Sciences field for permanent use from 2015 onwards. These can be found in the Volter database by their title. The eReference books can also be accessed via subject specific ResearchGuides by clicking Books Tab.  eReference books often have the words Encyclopedias, Handbooks and Companions in the titles.

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Examples of electronic reference books

Good source for information of planet rings is the eReference book Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems.

A comprehensive overview of 'Arctic Hydroclimatology’ is available in the eReference book Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers.

The ecology of tropical rain forests is thoroughly dealt with in the eReference book Ecology and the Environment.


Written by Jaana Taylerson



Published date 11/25/2015 8:30 AM ,  Modified date 11/25/2015 8:38 AM