Loeb Classical Library - the Classical literature at your finger tips

​The idea of James Loeb (1867-1933) was to make the classical Greek and Latin literature available to as many readers as possible.  For this reason, the volumes published in this series include the original text as well as an English translation.

- The electronic version makes the series even more accessible, since the volumes are now easy to use online and all the text can be used by multiple users simultaneously, says university lecturer, PhD Minna Seppänen from the Department of Classics.

- Since the volumes include both the original Greek and Latin text and an English translation, the Loeb Classical Library is a great help not only to classicists but to historians, students of literature and philosophers, and to anyone interested in classical culture, adds information specialist Mika Sarlin.

The first volume of the Loeb Classical Library was published in 1912 and today the series includes more than 520 volumes. The electronic version always contains the latest translation of each volume. New volumes are published every year.

The Loeb Classical Library can be found at


Published date 4/7/2015 12:00 AM ,  Modified date 11/14/2016 4:20 PM