New student – how to get a library card

​​If you are beginning your studies this autumn, remember to get a library card for Turku University Library.

You can get your library card from any of the library service desks when you borrow the first time. To get a library card as a student you need to present your identity card and to have an address in Finland.

As a library card, you can also use

  • a University of Turku student card with a barcode granted before 2013
  • a library card or a student card of any other university or polytechnic with a barcode

Att.! Don’t forget to activate your card in the library before using it. To activate your card, you must present your identity card and have an address in Finland. You shoud also activate your UTU-email account before you get a library card.

The card is for personal use

The library card is for personal use and it must always be presented when borrowing. The holder of the card is responsible for the borrowed material and commits oneself to obey the library rules.

PIN code

If you want to borrow with a machine, make reservations, renew your loans or to have a look at them, you need a personal PIN code in addition to the number of your library card. To start with, all users have their birth date as their PIN code which has to be changed in Volter-database by logging in your own profile and using “Change PIN Code of the Library Card" button.
If you forget your PIN code, you can change it at a library service desk. Remember to take your identity card with you!

If you lose your card or change your address

Let us know immediately if you lose your card so that we can deactivate it. About the changes in address, e-mail address and name you can inform the library
  • by email
  • by phone 050 455 7059
  • directly to library service desks
Further information:
Head of library services Heli Kokkinen
tel. 029 450 2354


Published date 8/15/2017 7:25 AM ,  Modified date 8/18/2017 8:07 AM