Why do I always have to pay?

​But then what is a correct and fair amount of fees? If they are too high, they quickly become unreasonable. But if the fees are very low, there is a temptation to keep the loans well past the due date. Therefore, the fees have been set in order to make customers return their loans on time, however if a customer’s loan is late, the fees have been set to be as reasonable as possible.

In addition to the fees, we have tried to set our rules and services for reservations and renewing loans as easy as possible. The best way to avoid the fees is simply to keep an eye on the due dates and the due date emails the library sends to make sure that you return your loan on time. And don’t forget the library’s e-resources, no fees there!

Why do I get these fees?

If the loans are returned on time there are no fees. The fees are in place to encourage the customers to return the loans on time for a fast circulation and a fair use of them. For these reasons we do not take reservation fees either. Fees are also higher for course books because we would like them to be quickly available for everyone. For this reason, course books do not have an automatic renewal.

The problems usually arise when a customer has many loans. In these situations the end of automatic renewals can come as a big surprise. To avoid this, the customers should make sure that their contact details are updated. Always check the due dates of your loans before, for example, going on holiday.

How do I know when to return my loans?

Many customers would like to choose the time when they receive the due date notices from the library. Unfortunately it is not yet possible due to our current library management system. However, we are constantly developing our services to look for solutions that would better serve the variety of our customers’ needs.

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Text: Jari Herranen
Translation: Jaana Taylerson
Photos: Teppo Kahtola

Published date 4/18/2017 8:20 AM ,  Modified date 4/18/2017 12:06 PM