Amirsys databases- the world of imaging!
​The two Amirsys databases will provide the university with a vast range of rich resources to use. For example the Amirsys Imaging Reference Center includes over 72 000 x-ray, CT, MR, and ultrasound illustration. In addition there are professional and evidence-based materials:  over 4 000 diagnoses provided by experts of the field. Amirsys Imaging Reference center also has over 40 000 journal references.
Amirsys Pathology Reference Center has almost 40 000 pathologic images, including no less than 2 100 diagnoses by experts and thousands of article references. In the diagnoses, you can find essential information along with related references to the topic.

Practical utility

Both students and staff have requested resources like Amirsys databases which are useful for both studying and work.  These databases provide access to examine both images and histological pictures  in the same diagnosis. Images and diagnoses can be used in educational context and images can easily be downloaded to PowerPoint.
”Amirsys databases are extremely valuable resources especially during on-call duties  where various image diagnoses  are carried out regularly and even specialists are sometimes outside their comfort zone” explains Docent Kimmo Mattila.
Amyrsis Databases are also valuable tools for students. They are very compact and easier to access than books. According to Mattila the references are also well provided so the origin of the information can easily be retrieved.
According to Amirsys the content of the databases is updated frequently. The authors of the diagnoses are also responsible for the correction and updating the information.
“It will be interesting to see if the databases are updated as promised. We have already given some feedback of images in which the quality wasn’t quite up to standards. Maybe we have got used to better “ Mattila ponders.

Where to find Amirsys databases?

You can find links to the Amirsys databases in the Medicine and Dentistry ResearchGuides as well as through Nelliportal. When you open the link to the database you will find Ovid’s database list. Amirsys databases are not in that list but at the top menu bar in their own tab.
If you are using an iPad, Samsung or Windows tablet computer, you can also use these to access the Amirsys databases!
More information:
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Published date 5/12/2014 8:25 AM ,  Modified date 5/12/2014 8:28 AM