Bibliography of Asian Studies
​The database contains material on the fields of economics, politics, sociology, history, philosophy, religion, literature, arts and linguistics. The database was acquired from the proposal of the Centre for East Asian Studies.
Access to the database is via the ResearchGuides of political studies, social sciences and philosophy and via Nelli Portal’s “find database” search. The use of the database with a smartphone or tablet is possible on an Internet browser.

Article references addressing East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia

”Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) contains references of the articles, book articles, conference publications, anthologies and anniversary volumes published around the world concerning East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia, mainly in western languages, after the year 1971. There are references from books published between the years 1971-1991 but not from newer books”, information specialist Katja Halonen reports and continues, “the 100 most important journals of Asian studies are indexed to the database”. The database does not contain full texts. They can be looked up in the electronic journals of the library or in the library database Volter on the basis of the references.

Don’t forget to limit your search

“It is possible to limit the search result by, for example, country, region or language. You can choose several delimitation options. However, there are a few limitations you must take into account in use of these options. The information on the language of the publications has been added afterwards and it can contain mistakes. Furthermore, only newer references contain subject terms”, Halonen hints.
Halonen also tells about the browsing possibilities of the database: ”In the database you can browse all the references or indexed journal titles. By browsing the journals, one can see the years indexed to the database. It is possible to define the browsing of references by choosing sub categories such as Southeast Asia, Vietnam and history in which case it enables you to examine the article references concerning Vietnam's history”.
Further information:
Information Specialist Katja Halonen
tel. 02 333 5919
Published date 9/3/2014 10:10 AM ,  Modified date 9/3/2014 10:10 AM