Secrets of translations – how library benefits the English language researcher?

​What is your dissertation topic?

”I study the position of book in the Renaissance period – what happened to the evaluation of books when  the art of printing made literature more widely available than ever before.  I am especially interested  in  what kind of language the Renaissance translators have used in their book evaluations. By examining the translators’ language, I aim to reveal the underlying attitudes towards books and literature during that time.”

Has library made your research work easier?

”The library’s role has been essential. No single researcher can afford to get all the texts that are available through library. The lack of space alone would prevent researchers storing all those resources that are now easily accessible online.”

Is there some resource that is vital to your research?

”I have especially been using the EEBO-TCP which has a comprehensive coverage of the Renaissance English language literature, including also books translated into English.”

Are you somehow able to focus your EEBO search to translated literature?

”No, not quite that directly because EEBO’s records do not specifically describe whether the text is translated or written originally in English. However, from other sourcers I’m able to verify the Renaissance translators and then search for them in EEBO.”

Is it problematic that the same person may have both translated and written texts?

”Fortunately, EEBO allows flexible searches. By including the word ’translation in its various forms and synonyms into my search I can focus to the desired texts.” 


The EEBO (Early English Books Online) database contains the digital page images of literature published in English in1473-1700. The database includes over 130 000 titles covering, among other things, fiction, scientific texts, social and religious writings as well as speeches and pamphlets. The items are available for reading in the EEBO interface and individual pages can be downloaded in TIFF format.
Interviewer: Ilmari Jauhiainen
Facts: Anu Raunio
Translation: Kristiina Hintikka
Photos: Päivi Letonsaari



Published date 9/20/2017 8:10 AM ,  Modified date 9/20/2017 8:15 AM