International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home – your guide to secrets of houses

​International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home is based on over 500 writings by international experts and it covers all the central themes related to housing. Encyclopedia contains texts written not just by academic experts and political leaders, but also by professionals and people involved in practicalities of housing.

Encyclopedia is classified according to seven subjects:

  • Approaches: main concepts, theories and and methodologies in housing research
  • Economics/Finance: economic viewpoints on housing, for example, financing, mortgages and housing market
  • Environment: topics related physical and social environment, for instance, sources of energy, recycling and settlements
  • Home/Homelessness: creating a home, values, gender roles, decoration, pets and homelessness
  • Institutions: housing law, mortgage lenders, insurance companies and marketing
  • Policy: administration, usufruct, building and taxation
  • Welfare and Well-Being: social matters of housing, relation between housing and well-being, needs of housing, risks, health and security

All articles and writers can be found in an alphabetical list.

From the Subject Index page you can browse an alphabetical list of articles on housing research reflecting a wide array of disciplines. In addition to concepts, the subject index also provides geographical and methodological terms of various forms of housing and theories  which are linked to the articles of the reference work

International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home

Written by Ann-Louise Paasio and Katja Halonen

Published date 5/27/2016 10:40 AM ,  Modified date 8/22/2016 3:49 PM