Updating a classic – first look in a renewed Calonia

​First look at renovated Calonia gives me a feeling of security – I can surely recognize it as Calonia. When I look more closely, I see signs of rejuvenation in the old building. The ceramic tiles, which continue the tradition of university architecture in Turku, have been replaced and windows have been changed, making the façade of Calonia look brighter than ever.

Snow has just covered the green lustre of the new grass lawns planted around Calonia. Another tinge of green can be seen in the new bicycle shelter and in the electric car charging unit.

Cool interiors

The original idea in the architectonic composition of the hallway of Calonia was to create a stately space, where moving along would in a lively fashion show new shapes, while the whole would still retain an air of dignity. Today the hallway seems particularly dignified, with its newly crystallised terrazzo floor, which shines like it would have never touched any dirt.

Biggest changes in the Calonia interiors are invisible. Air conditioning can now cool the air, which is something that students taking exams during summer heat have long desired. Calonia is also equipped with sensors, which can adjust the air conditioning, if the carbon dioxide levels grow too high.

Progressive Calonia

Renovated Calonia is also ecological. The energy efficient lamps near the windows can adjust the lighting when sunlight increases. The accessibility of Calonia has also increased. Every floor has now toilet facilities for disabled and there are various induction loops across the building.

New Calonia is also a modern study environment. Auditorium has its own electric outlet for each seat. Furthermore, some lockers have sockets, which can be used for charging your phone or laptop.

And the library?

Library has also had its share of renewal. Dividing walls have been removed, so that light can move more freely through the library. The library floor has also been epoxy coated. Further renovations are planned for when the decoration of the library facilities will begin. There will be spaces for silent study and group work and also study places for students with special needs. These and other new updates to the library will be explored further when the time to move back to Calonia is nearer!

Text: Ilmari Jauhiainen
Photos: Päivi Letonsaari and Eeva-Maria Suikkanen

Sources: "Oikeustieteellisen tiedekunnan laitosrakennus". - Arkkitehti 1/1987. p. 44- 49.

Published date 11/1/2017 8:30 AM ,  Modified date 11/1/2017 11:55 AM