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​The Oxford Handbooks contain state-of-the-art review articles written by some of the world’s leading specialists on each subject. They are thus suitable both for students needing an introduction to a subject area and for users who already possess some knowledge of the subject.

The chapters of the Oxford Handbooks are now published online as soon as they are approved for publishing. This means that the OHO platform also contains articles that are not yet available in print, as well as updated versions of previously published articles ahead of print. The articles can be printed out on paper or downloaded as pdf files. Each article also has its own DOI address, so that it is easy to come back to it even if you have not downloaded it.

The OHO platform is only searchable in freetext, but there are a number of filters you can apply so as to narrow down the search results to what you are looking for. You can choose to view the results by article or by handbook title. One important feature is the possibility to only search for content that the Library has purchased or which is free to read. At the moment, the Library has purchased full access to the Linguistics handbooks, and also large coverage of the subject areas Classical Studies and Law. In other subject areas, the availability is either partial or restricted to free content.

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Text: Ludvig Forsman

Published date 1/9/2017 8:10 AM ,  Modified date 1/9/2017 8:11 AM