New electronic source for research methods – SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO)

​The database has a diverse content and it can be used in many ways: you can find journals, books and reference books in the SRMO. There are also two book series included in the service – Little Green Books and Little Blue Books. The Little Green Books discusses the most topical questions about quantitative research within the social sciences. Focus of the latter is on qualitative research, and it is intended to budding researches, but it also can interest those who wish to widen their methodology repertoire. There is also more than 480 hours of video material included in the database. The videos can be browsed by research method, by discipline or by video type, e.g. document or lecture. Searching by search terms is also possible. There is also a tool for making video clips. These tools can be shared to students or embedded into learning platform. Transcription is provided beside the play.

SRMO is accessible through ResearchGuides service.

Support for students, teachers, post-graduates and researches

Students will find SRMO helpful for making literature reviews, and for finding, choosing, and applying of methodology for their master’s theses.

For researchers and postgraduate students the SRMO serves as an information source or as a tool to keep up to date with the trends and developments in the methodological questions. Teachers can use the database for making reading lists, or for guiding and orientating the exercises of their students.

SRMO gives you a possibility to discuss with other users, too. At the Methodspace discussion forum you can share your thoughts on any topic in mind.

Make use of the Methods Map

Methods Map is a device to visualize the relations between the different research methods and their factual contents. With the Methods Map you can find links between methods, terms and scholars: these are displayed as a single map. Broader terms, narrower terms and related terms are also displayed.

Additional information:
Information specialist Lassi Toppinen
tel. 02 333 8815



Published date 2/18/2014 10:55 AM ,  Modified date 1/3/2017 11:26 AM