Evaluation of Publications

​Evaluation based on scientific publishing involves, for example, the analysis of citation counts, social media visibility, publication frequency or the quality of the publication channel. Information about citation counts and h-index can be found in the citation databases such as Web of Science and Scopus and from Google Scholar (Publish or Perish).

An often used tool in the analysis of journals is the impact factor which is available in Journal Citation Reports database. In addition, the Finnish Publication Forum (JuFo) system can be used as a quality indicator of the scientific publication channels. It is good to remember that the databases vary in their coverage and no database includes everything.

Tutorials for finding e.g. citation counts and h-index as well as the IF value of a journal can be found in the library's Evaluating Scholarly Publications ResearchGuide.  For more information, please contact

Library's research services are a relatively new part of library services that are only starting to form. Library's Metrics and Evaluation Services have participated in the bibliometric evaluation of the Research Assessment Exercise. In future, library will offer more and more metrics and evaluation services for the purposes of the university management and research.