Delivering your thesis full text and abstract to the library

Follow the instructions below once your thesis is finished and you want to submit it to be graded:

- Send the abstract (one written in the language of the thesis) in text file format (.doc, .rtf, or .txt file) AND the thesis full text as email attachments to the university. The full text must be in pdf format.

- If you are studying in the Faculty of Humanities, Law, or Medicine (Licentiate or Health Biosciences Studies) please deliver the thesis and abstract to your faculty's office.

- Students of the Turku School of Economics: please send your thesis to the university via

- If you are studying in any of the other faculties, or in Dentistry or Nursing Science, please send your thesis to the faculty/department office.

The file name should be your student number and name (e.g. abstract 12345_Surname_Firstname.txt, full text 12345_Surname_Firstname.pdf), or both student numbers and names, if the thesis was co-written with someone.

The delivery of the abstract and full text will be checked in the department office. After the thesis has been accepted, the faculty delivers the thesis' abstract/full text to the library. The library will then upload the abstracts into the online archive.


If you choose to publish your thesis full text online, please follow the instructions below:

-Sign the agreement on publishing a thesis and deliver it to the library.

  • The University: Fill out and sign two copies of the publishing agreement after your thesis has been accepted. Take them with you to any of the library's service desks, where they will be signed on the library's behalf. The second copy will be given to you. You can also send the agreement copies by mail to the following address: Turku University Library, Publication Archive, 20014 UNIVERSITY OF TURKU. 
  • Turku School of Economics: Fill out and sign two copies of the publishing agreement ​ and deliver them to the Economics Library (Turku University Library, Turku School of Economics Library, 20014 UNIVERSITY OF TURKU).

After the agreement has been signed, the library uploads your thesis into the publication archive (UTUPub).


NB! Uploading your thesis into the publication archive means it is published. When the thesis is published, copyright matters should be taken into account. Therefore, make sure that your work does not include any copyrighted sections (e.g. pictures/maps), which might restrict its public distribution.


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