Open Research Data

​The effective research data management makes it possible to make data freely available at all stages of research. It is recommended to take data management into account from the start of the research. Data management means the storage of data as well the storage and creation of the associated metadata to ensure informed reuse and the credibility of data through its whole life cycle.

Opening up the research data in a controlled and well-planned way can lead to the discovery of new collaborators and new forms of reuse. Making the data openly available also brings citations, when the new publications are attributed to the original contributors.

Currently, as open access is more widely adopted in research also other research materials collected and produced during research can be accessed. For example, a student’s completion of thesis may be considerably speeded up by the access to the previously collected data.

To find tutorials on the data management, generating metadata and data use, please visit the Data Management Guide of the University of Turku. You can also get more information by contacting