Biomedical Research Track

The objective is to give students high-quality methodological education and education in general issues relevant to the field of medical research. A further objective is to provide an opportunity to become acquainted with research projects by offering work as a scientist-student in a project over summer months (so-called rotation). With all this, the aim is to provide a good start to learning practical skills necessary for your work in research project(s).

  • The track provides high-quality methodological education and a suitable ground for growth when trying to adopt principles of scientific thinking and working practices
  • The track provides a gateway to attach to research groups in the medical faculty working in the field of immunology, receptor research, reproductive medicine, immunology, microbiology and else
  • In the track a student will learn skills and abilities which help to meet challenges and solve problems presented by future work as a medical doctor or odontologist
  • The track gives a showcase of the career stages of a medical scientist and examples on how  different aspects of career as a doctor and as a scientist could be combined
  • The track paves way to attach to the graduate schools for thesis studies
  • The track provides the required volume of theoretical studies for the doctoral degree