Pregnancy at risk: association with pregnancy complications, fetal wellbeing and outcome and the effect of newtreatment modalities

​Scientific Aims

A common nominator is assessment of maternal and fetal wellbeing in risk pregnancies and the effect of risk factors on pregnancy outcome.

Specific aims are to study

  1. effect of maternal diabetes on fetal hemodynamic and child outcome and evaluate noninvasive measures in fetal follow up
  2. effect of maternal stress, substance abuse and psychosocial risk factors on pregnancy outcome and assess the placental role in intermediating the risk of stress to the neonate 
  3. a new interactive ultrasound in the treatment of risk pregnancies in a randomized controlled fashion
  4. feasibility of activity band in pregnancy follow up

Members of the research group

PhD Anna Axelin
Psyc Lic Sari Ahlqvist-Björkroth
MD Noora Jaatinen
MD Heidi Jussila
MD Lara Lehtoranta
PhD Hanna-Kaisa Niela-Vilen
Docent Marjukka Pajulo
MD Henrika Pulliainen
PhD Noora Scheinin
MD Aija-Liisa Yrjölä

Selected publications

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