Molecular imaging and biobank research in cancer

​Description of research

  • Molecular imaging in prostate cancer
  • Mechanisms of radiation resistance in head and neck cancer
  • Multimodality Imaging and Molecular Markers as Diagnostic, Prognostic and Predictive Factors in Glioma
Aim of the research is to characterize molecular and biological characteristics important for personalized therapeutic approaches with advanced genomic and 3D-imaging techniques in several solid human neoplasmas such as glioma, prostate and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Members of the research group

Maria Gardberg, Post-doc researcher
Tove Grönroos, Senior researcher
Ivan Jambor, Doctoral candidate
Jukka Kemppainen, Senior researcher
Mai Kim, Post-doc researcher
Aida Kiviniemi, Doctoral candidate
Anna Kuisma, Doctoral candidate
Kalle Mattila, Doctoral candidate
Linda Nissi, Doctoral candidate
Tiina Ruuska, Doctoral candidate
Miia Ruuskanen, Doctoral candidate
Antti Silvoniemi, Doctoral candidate
Pekka Taimen, Senior researcher

Selected publications

Kähkönen E, Jambor I, Kemppainen J, Lehtiö K, Silén J, Kuisma A, Luoto P, Tolvanen T, Alanen K, Grönroos TJ, Kallajoki M, Roivainen A, Schäfer N, Schibli R, Dragic M, Johayem A, Valencia R, Borkowski S, Minn H. In vivo imaging of prostate cancer using [68Ga]-labeled bombesin analog BAY86-7548. Clin Cancer Res 19:5434- 5443, 2013.
Komar G, Lehtiö K, Seppänen M, Eskola O, Levola H, Lindholm P, Sipilä H, Seppälä J, Grénman R, Solin O, Minn H. Prognostic values of tumour blood flow, [18F]EF5 and [18F]FDG PET/CT imaging in patients with head and neck cancer treated with radiochemotherapy. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imag 41:2042-2050, 2014.
Mesia R, Henke M, Fortin A, Minn H, Ancona ACY, Cmelak A, Markowitz AB, Hotte SJ, Singh S, Chan ATC, Merlano MC, Skladowski K, Zhang A, Oliner KS, Vander Walde A, Giralt J. A phase 2, randomized trial (Concert-1) of chemoradiotherapy with or without panitumumab in patients with unresected, locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. Lancet Oncol 16:208-220, 2015.
Kiviniemi A, Gardberg M, Frantzén J, Parkkola R, Vuorinen V, Pesola M, Minn H. Serum levels of GFAP and EGFR in primary and recurrent high grade gliomas: correlation to tumor volume, molecular markers, and progression-free survival. J Neuro-Oncol 2015;124:237-245.
Koskivuo I, Kemppainen J, Giordano S, Seppänen M, Veräjänkorva E, Vihinen P, Minn H. Whole body PET/CT in the follow-up of asymptomatic patients with stage IIB-IIIB cutaneous melanoma. Acta Oncol 2016;55:1355-1359.

 Professor Heikki Minn