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  • Research Faculty is the research community of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Research Faculty enables targeted dissemination of information of funding opportunities to the researchers.
  • Membership in the Research Faculty enables you to receive additional research funding granted by the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Research Faculty makes it easier to disseminate information about faculty's research to the audiences outside the University.
  • You can apply to the Research Faculty if you are an adjunct professor (docent) or have comparable academic qualifications and competence. Experience in managing academic research and success in obtaining complementary funding for research is also required.
  • The Dean appoints the members of the Research Faculty.


Members of the Research Faculty

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Airaksinen, Juhani: Thromboembolic complications of atrial fibrillation and cardiac interventions
Airas, Laura: Imaging of neuroinflammation - focus on microglia
Aro, Hannu: Orthopaedic Research Unit
Axelin, Anna: Health in Early Life and Parenthood

B, C

Biancari, Fausto: Multicenter studies in adult cardiac surgery

D, E

Eerola, Erkki: Intestinal microbiology/Antibacterial effects of nanostructures
Ekholm, Eeva: Pregnancy at risk: association with pregnancy complications, fetal wellbeing and outcome and the effect of newtreatment modalities
Elenius, Klaus: Signaling of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Cancer and Development
Elima, Kati: Molecular mechanisms of cell trafficking
Eskelinen, Eeva-Liisa: Membrane dynamics during autophagosome formation and maturation

F, G

Grönroos, Juha: Minimally invasive surgery/Acute appendicitis
Gunn, Jarmo: Outcomes and biomarkers in cardiac surgery
Gursoy, Ulvi Kahraman: Bacterial Signalling Molecules in Immune Response Regulation and Biofilm Eradication/ Exploring the Role of Nrf2/ARE Pathway in Periodontitis


Haaparanta-Solin, Merja: PET imaging of neuropathological changes in animal models of Alzheimer's disease
Hakanen, Antti: Microbiota, antimicrobial resistance and health
Hannukainen, Jarna: Exercise responses on non-skeletal metabolism
He, Qiushui: Bacterial infections: translational genomics, immunity and prevention
Heikkinen, Terho: Respiratory tract infections in children: epidemiology, management, prevention, and total impact on the society
Heino, Terhi: The role of mesenchymal stem cells in fracture healing
Hietala, Jarmo: Etiology and Treatment of Psychotic Disorders
Hollmén, Maija: Tumor immunology and immunotherapy
Hopia, Anu: Taste and health
Huhtinen, Kaisa: Translational ovarian cancer research

Hukkanen, Veijo: Herpesviruses as friends and enemies
Huupponen, Risto: Pharmacoepidemiology of statins and oral anticoagulants
Hytönen, Jukka: Lyme borreliosis: a comprehensive approach
Hänninen, Arno: Microbiota and gut immune system in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes
Hänninen, Pekka: Laboratory of Biophysics
Härkönen, Pirkko: Growth and metastasis of breast and prostate cancer


Ilonen, Jorma: Immunogenetics of autoimmune diseases
Irjala, Heikki: Head and Neck Cancer Research
Isolauri, Erika: Neonatal exposures, Adverse outcomes, Mucosal immunology and Intestinal microbiota (NAMI)
Ivaska, Kaisa: Bone and energy metabolism

Jaakkola, Panu: Oxygen sensing molecules in kidney cancer
Jalkanen, Sirpa: Cell trafficking
Jartti, Tuomas: Respiratory viral infections and the development of childhood asthma
Julkunen, Ilkka: ​Mechanisms of activation of innate immunity in viral infections
Juonala, Markus: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study
Järveläinen, Hannu: Extracellular matrix macromolecules in health and disease
Jääskeläinen, Satu K.: Mechanisms, central modulation, and diagnosis of neuropathic pain


Kaasinen, Valtteri: Monoaminergic neurotransmitters
Kalliokoski, Kari: Cardiovascular and metabolic effects of high-intensity interval training
Kangasniemi, Mari: Nursing and health care ethics, the change of social and health care work, environmental responsibility in patient care
Kantola, Ilkka: Pulse wave velocity as a marker of cardiovascular disease
Karlsson, Hasse: FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study
Karlsson, Linnea: FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study: Early Life Stress
Karukivi, Max: Emotions and well-being in adolescents
Kero, Jukka: Molecular Mechanisms of Thyroid Disorders: from Human Diseases to Mouse Models

Kiviniemi, Tuomas: CAREFIB Consortium
Kiviranta, Riku: Molecular regulation of bone metabolism
Knuuti, Juhani: Advanced imaging in heart disease
Korhonen, Päivi E.: Prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease  
Kotaja, Noora: RNA regulation in male germ cells
Koulu, Markku: Prenatal programming of energy balance and metabolism
Kronqvist, Pauliina: Cell cycle regulator secrin as a prognosticator in breast cancer
Kähäri, Veli-Matti: Skin cancer and proteinase research group
Könönen, Eija: Periodontal infection and inflammation


Laitinen, Kirsi: Early Nutrition and Health


Nakamura, Miho: Bio-inspired biomaterials for bone regeneration
Niinikoski, Harri: Childhood nutrition and metabolism
Nummenmaa, Lauri: Molecular and functional imaging of the human emotion circuit
Nuutila, Pirjo: Adipose-Brain-Gut-Pancreas Interaction in Obesity and type 2 Diabetes


Oksi, Jarmo: Positron emission tomography (PET) in the diagnostics of infections and autoimmune vasculitis
Oresic, Matej: Systems Medicine


Pekkala, Satu: Gut microbes and metabolic disorders
Peltola, Ville: Viral and bacterial respiratory tract infections in children
Peltonen, Sirkku: Neurofibromatosis and Cell-cell Interaction Group
Peltonen, Juha: Cancer syndrome/Rasopathy NF1:  pathoetiology and epidemiology
Pentikäinen, Olli: Computer-dependent drug discovery
Pentikäinen, Ulla: Molecular Mechanisms of Diseases
Perheentupa, Antti: Novel Treatment Targets & Diagnostic Tools for Endometriosis
Pesonen, Ullamari: Neurodegenerative diseases and brain metabolism
Polo, Päivi: Interaction of sleep, breathing, endocrine function, mental health and cognition 
Poutanen, Matti: ​Mechanisms of Steroid Hormone Action
Pulliainen, Arto: ​Cellular microbiology – how bacteria manipulate host cell signaling

Q, R

Rahman, Nafis: Novel Treatment Strategies for Endocrine Tumors ​
Raitakari, Olli: Population studies into non-communicable diseases
Rantakari, Pia: Endothelium and embryonic leukocyte migration
Rautava, Jaana: Oral mucosal diseases and oral cancer
Rautava, Päivi: Development of Health Care Service Structure
Rautava, Samuli: Early microbial contact and child health
Rinne, Jaakko: Intracranial aneurysms
Rinne, Juha: Amyloid imaging in the early detection of Alzheimer´s disease
Roivainen, Anne: In vivo Imaging of Inflammation

Saaresranta, Tarja: Sleep Research Unit
Salanterä, Sanna: Digital Nursing Turku
Salminen, Paulina: Appendicitis Research
Sandell; Mari: Senses and Food
Savolainen, Johannes: Allergology Research
Scheinin, Harry: Anesthesia Mechanisms


Taimen, Pekka: ​Nuclear Lamins and Human Disease
Tauriainen, Sisko: Parechovirus epidemiology and pathogenesis
Tenovuo, Olli: Traumatic brain injury research group
Teräs, Mika: Medical physics research
Tezvergil-Mutluay, Arzu: Adhesive Dentistry Research Group
Toppari, Jorma: ​The early determinants of reproductive health
Tuomela, Johanna: ​Innate immunity receptor (TLR9) in cancer

Vahtera, Jussi: Public health research
Vallittu, Pekka: Biomaterials Science
Voutilainen, Markku: Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)
Vuopio, Jaana: ​Molecular epidemiology, carriage and antimicrobial susceptibility of bacterial pathogens
Waris, Matti: ​Host response and molecular variation in respiratory and enteric virus infections
Westermarck, Jukka: Cancer Cell Signaling

X, Y, Z

Å, Ä, Ö

Äärimaa, Ville: Operative treatment of shoulder disorders

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