Pulse wave velocity as a marker of cardiovascular disease

​Description of research

  • Pulse wave velocity as a marker of cardiovascular disease
    The clarify the explanatory factors of pulse wave velocity (arterial stiffness) in cross-sectional analysis and in patients studied 10 years ago.

  • Measurement of hypertension
    Status of home blood pressure measurement in estimation of high blood poressure

  • Fabry disease
    The effect of enzyme replacement therapy in Fabry diseasePulse wave velocity as a marker of cardiovascular disease

Members of the research group

Teemu Niiranen MD, PhD
Ville Langen MD
Annika Lindroos, MD
Sam Siven, MD
Eeva Juhanoja, MD
Jouni Johansson, MD,PhD
Arttu Lehtonen, MD
Essi Roine, study nurse
Jenni Raali, study nurse

Selected publications 

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