Etiology and Treatment of Psychotic Disorders

Description of Research:

The aims of the project are basically two-fold:

  1. to test a wide set of etiological hypotheses of psychotic disorders using a dimensional clinical concept of psychosis. We use an extensive clinical methodology battery combined with brain structural and functional imaging (PET, sMRI, fMRI) as well as metabolomics (lipidomics), genetics and immunological approaches (e.g. CNS microglia studies)
  2. We use this multimodal biomarker database together with bioinformatics, statistical modelling, artificial intelligence techniques and neural networks to provide leads to predict illness course, outcome, treatment responses (follow-up of patients) and to develop novel treatments for early psychosis.

Members of the research group:

Professor Emeritus Raimo K. R. Salokangas, co-PI
Psychiatric Nurse, Päivi Jalo, Research coordinator
Psychiatric Nurse, Akseli Mäkelä, , Research coordinator
Docent Tuula Ilonen, Neuropsychologist
Docent Sinikka Luutonen, Senior Researcher (post-doc)
MD, PhD Markus Heinimaa, Senior Researcher (post-doc)
MD, PhD Lauri Tuominen, MRI/PET, post-doc
MD Mikko Nyman, neuroradiology, Ph.D. student
MSc Maria Tikka, Neuropsychologist, Doctoral Student
MSc Janina Paju, Psychologist
MSc Tiina From, Researcher, data management
MD Heikki Laurikainen, Clinical researcher, Ph.D. student
B.M Elina Sormunen, PET/Clinical, Ph.D. student
B.M Reetta-Liina Säilä, PET/Clinical, Ph.D. student

Selected publications:

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Tuominen L, Nummenmaa L, Keltikangas-Järvinen L, Raitakari O, Hietala J. Mapping neurotransmitter networks with PET: an example on serotonin and opioid systems. Hum Brain Mapp. 2014 May;35(5):1875-84.

Tuominen L, Salo J, Hirvonen J, Någren K, Laine P, Melartin T, Isometsä E, Viikari J, Cloninger CR, Raitakari O, Hietala J, Keltikangas-Järvinen L. Temperament, character and serotonin activity in the human brain: a positron emission tomography study based on a general population cohort. Psychol Med. 2013 Apr;43(4):881-94.

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 Professor Jarmo Hietala