Public health research

​​​Description of research

Research project titles

  1. Healthy ageing in work and retirement
  2. Living environments and cardiovascular health
  3. Finnish Public Sector study
  4. Health and Social Support study

To investigate how determinants in working life, during the retirement transition, and in early retirement influence for how long older individuals are able to live actively and healthily. This is done in well-established prospective occupational cohort studies, longitudinal ageing studies and registry data from five European countries representing three different welfare regimes and spanning up to several decades of the middle years in work, retirement, early old age, and the beginning of old-old age.

To examine how changes in the characteristics of living environments are associated with changes in cardiovascular health across the life-course.

Members of the research group

(Listed only those affiliated to UTU)
Jussi Vahtera (prof)
Sari Stenholm, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, docent
Anna Pulakka, post-doc researcher
Tuija Leskinen, post-doc researcher
Saana Myllyntausta, doctoral candidate
Anne Juvani, doctoral candidate
Raija Lietzen, doctoral candidate
Jaana Pentti, statistician

Selected publications

Halava H, Korhonen MJ, Huupponen R, Setoguchi S, Pentti J, Kivimäki M, Vahtera J. Lifestyle factors as predictors of nonadherence to statin therapy among individuals with and without cardiovascular comorbidities. The Canadian Medical Association Journal 2014; 186(12):E449-56.

Halonen JI, Stenholm S, Pentti J, Kawachi I, Subramanian SV, Kivimäki M, Vahtera J. Childhood Psychosocial Adversity and Adult Neighborhood Disadvantage as Predictors of Cardiovascular Disease: A Cohort Study. Circulation 2015; 132:371-379.

Stenholm S, Kivimäki M, Jylhä M, Kawachi I, Westerlund H, Pentti J, Goldberg M, Zins M, Vahtera J.Trajectories of self-rated health in the last 15 years of life by cause of death: Nested case control study. European Journal of Epidemiology 2016; 31:177-85.

Stenholm S, Head J, Kivimäki M, Kawachi I, Aalto V, Zins M, Goldberg M, Zaninotto P, Hanson LM, Westerlund H, Vahtera J. Smoking, physical inactivity and obesity as predictors of healthy and disease-free life expectancy between ages 50 and 75: a multicohort study. International Journal of Epidemiology 2016; Aug 2. doi:

Pulakka A, Halonen J, Kawachi I, Pentti J, Stenholm S, Jokela M, Kaate I, Koskenvuo M, Vahtera J*, Kivimäki M* (*JOINT SENIOR AUTHORS). Association Between Distance From Home to Tobacco Outlet and Smoking Cessation and Relapse. JAMA Internal Medicine 2016 176(10):1512-1519.