The Development of Health Care Service Structure

​​​Description of research

My research aims at the development and improvement of the health care service structure, especially at the development of preventive health care and the evaluation of activities and quality of service. The development, disturbances and protective factors in the behavioural condition and mental wellbeing of newborns, toddlers, school pupils and adolescents, as well as the influence of parenthood and parents on their children’s outcome have been the connecting themes of my research. The latest research interests are in large register data and their utilization in management and in development of effective care processes especially in maternity and child health care.

Research projects

The Finnish Family Competence Study 1985-
Reproductive and Sexual Life Span of Women 2010-
The Development of Maternity and Child Health Care Services 2010-
The Development of Health Care Service Structure by Using the Informaton Resources of the Electronic Patient Records and OIther Registries 2011-

Members of the research group

Doctoral candicates:
Leena Pihlakoski, MD, University of Turku
Arto Salo, M.Sc, University of Eastern Finland
Jaana jalava-Broman, MD, University of Turku
Tuula Cornu, M.Sc, University of Turku
Maarit Mäkilä, MD, University of Turku
Anne Santalahti, MD, University of Turku
Susanna Holmlund, MD, University of Turku
Tuulia Koponen, M. Sc, University of Turku
Maija Lipasti, M.Sc., University of Turku
Laura Määttänen, MD, University of Turku
Miina Nurmi, M.Sc, University of Turku
Kirsi Kauliomäki, M.Sc, University of Turku
Harry Köhler, M.Sc. University of Helsinki

Post docs:
Marja-Leena mattila, DDD
Päivi Ovaskainen, PhD
Mia Mäkinen, MD, PhD
Marika Leppänen, MD, PhD
Mira Huhtala, MD, PhD
Sirkka Jaakkola, DDD
Miia Tuominen, PhD
Essi Pikkarainen, MD, PhD
Liisi Rautava, MD, PhD

Minna Aromaa, MD, PhD, Dos
Ansa Ojanlatva, PhD, Dod
Päivi Polo, MD, PhD, Dos
Pia Ahonen, PhD
Hanna Lagström, PhD, Dos
Ville Kytö, MD, PhD, Dos
Leena Haataja, MD, Prof.

Selected publications

Huhtala, M., Korja, R., Lehtonen, L., Haataja, L., Lapinleimu, H., Rautava, P. and the PIPARI Study Group. Parental Psychological Well-Being and Behavioral Outcome of VLBW Infants at 3 Years. Pediatrics 2012;129(4):e937-44.

Lagström, H., Rautava, P., Kaljonen, A., Räihä, H., Pihlaja, P., Korpilahti, P., Peltola, V., Rautakoski, P., Osterbacha, E., Simell, O., Niemi P. Cohort profile: Steps to the Healthy Development and Well-being of Children (the STEPS Study). Int J Epidemiol 2013;42:1273-1284.

Korja, R., Huhtala, M., Maunu, J., Rautava, P., Haataja, L., Lapinleimu, H., Lehtinen, L. and the PIPARI study group. Preterm infant’s early crying associated with child’s behavioral problems and parents’ stress. Pediatrics 2013;133(2):e339-45.

Kytö, V., Sipilä, J., Rautava, P. Clinical Profile and Influences on Outcomes in Patients Hospitalized for Acute Pericarditis. Circulation 2014;130(18):1601-6.

Kytö, V., Sipilä, J., Rautava, P. Gender and In-Hospital Mortality of ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Multihospital Nationwide Registry Study of 31,686 Patients. Am J Cardiol 2015;115(3):303-6.