Acute appendicitis and bariatric surgery studies

​​Description of research

My research is focused on clinical surgical studies. Clinical research gives a wider clinical perspective. In addition to clinical surgical research, I strongly support translational studies as they are of paramount importance in understanding be pathophysiology mechanisms related to surgically treated diseases (for example bariatric surgery and obesity / SLEEVEPET-trial, acute appendicitis and gut microbiota and inflammatory markers / MAPPAC-trial). By working together with another specialty and/or with basic research, we are able to provide both a far wider understanding of surgical treatment effects and also evaluate possible pathophysiology behind these surgically treated diseases.​

Research project titles

  1. APPAC: A prospective randomized controlled multicenter trial comparing antibiotic therapy with appendectomy in the treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis (APPAC trial)
  2. APPAC II: Optimizing the antibiotic treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis: a prospective randomized multicenter study
  3. APPAC III: Antibiotic therapy vs. placebo in the treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis: a prospective randomized double-blind placebo-controlled multicenter trial
  4. MAPPAC (Microbiology Appendicitis Acuta) trial: Acute appendicitis and microbiota – etiology and effects of the antimicrobial treatment
  5. SLEEVEPASS + SLEEVEPET: A multicenter prospective randomized study in Finland – laparoscopic gastric bypass vs. laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in the treatment of morbid obesity. PET-scan studies on bariatric surgery patients.
  6. PeriAPPAC: The Treatment of Periappendicular Abscess After the Acute Phase: a randomized clinical trial interval appendectomy vs. follow-up MRI
  7. APPTUX: Appendiceal tumors – incidence, natural history, clinical relevance and prognosis
  8. APPAD: The histology of uncomplicated and complicated acute appendicitis with a special reference to appendicitis presenting with an appendicolith
  9. OPTICAP: Optimization of CT imaging in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Members of the research groups

All APPAC studies (APPAC, APPAC II and III, MAPPAC) are national multicenter studies and Turku University Hospital is the main research center.

APPAC study group

Paulina Salminen, MD, Phd, PI
Juha Grönroos, MD, prof.
Suvi Sippola, MD, registeres doctoral candidate
Johanna Virtanen, radiology, MD, PhD
Harri Marttila, Infecdtious diseases, MD, PhD
Saija Hurme, MSc, biostatistics
Petri Böckerman, Health Economics

Ari Leppäniemi, MD, prof.
Ville Sallinen,MD, PhD

Tero Rautio, MD, PhD
Jari Mällinen, MD, registered doctoral candidate (PeriAPPAC, combined supervision with Oulu University)

Pia Nordström, MD, PhD
Johanna Laukkarinen, MD, PhD
Irina Rinta-Kiikka, radiology, MD, PhD

Hannu Paajanen, MD, prof.
Tuomo Rantanen, MD, PhD

Markku Aarnio, MD, PhD
Jukka-Pekka Mecklin, MD, prof.
Anne Mattila, MD

Imre Ilves, MD

Juhani Sand, MD, PhD
Jyrki Kössi, MD, PhD

Mikael Victorzon, MD, prof.

SLEEVEPASS study group

Paulina Salminen, MD, PhD, PI
Jari Ovaska, MD, PhD
Mika Helmiö, MD, registered doctoral candidate
Saija Hurme, MSC, biostatistics

Mikael Victorzon, MD, prof.
Pipsa Peromaa-Haavisto, MD, PhD

Marja Leivonen, MD, PhD
Anne Juuti, MD, PhD

one additional registered doctoral candidate, Elina Lietzén, MD

Selected publications

Salminen P., Paajanen H., Rautio T., Nordström P., Aarnio M., Rantanen T., Tuominen R., Hurme S., Virtanen J., Mecklin J-P., Sand J., Jartti A., Rinta-Kiikka I., Grönroos J.M. Antibiotic therapy vs appendectomy for treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis: The APPAC randomized clinical trial. JAMA 2015; 313:2340-8IF 37.684.

Salminen P., Grönroos J. Author reply. Letter to the editor. JAMA 2015; 314: 1401-1403 IF 37.684.

Lietzén E., Mällinen J., Grönroos JM., Rautio T., Paajanen H., Nordström P., Aarnio M., Rantanen T., Sand J., Mecklin JP, Jartti A., Virtanen J., Ohtonen P., Salminen P.
Is preoperative distinction between complicated and uncomplicated acute appendicitis feasible without imaging? Surgery 2016; 160:789-95IF 3.309.

Helmiö M., Victorzon M., Ovaska J., Leivonen M., Juuti A., Jaser N., Peromaa P., Tolonen P., Hurme S., Salminen, P. SLEEVEPASS: A randomized prospective multicentre study comparing laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass in the treatment of morbid obesity – preliminary results Surg Endosc 2012; 26(9):2521-6IF 3.540.

Karlsson H.K., Tuulari J.J., Tuominen L., Hirvonen J., Honka H., Parkkola R., Helin S., Salminen P., Nuutila P., Nummenmaa L. Weight loss after bariatric surgery normalizes brain opioid receptors in morbid obesity. Mol Psych 2016; 21:1057-1062IF 13.314.


 Docent Paulina Salminen