Endothelium and embryonic leukocyte migration

​​Description of research

The mechanisms mediating and regulating leukocyte migration through the endothelium during fetal ontogeny and the impact of the embryonic origin of cells in adults are still almost completely unknown. The objective of our research is to answer how fetal leukocytes migrate from the tissue of origin via endothelial cells to the blood vessels, and exit from blood vessels to the target tissues. We will study how fetal origins of leukocytes influence the tissue development and adult pathophysiology.

Members of the research group

Jäppinen Norma, PhD student
Lokka Emmi, PhD student
Gerke Heidi, M.Sc.

Selected publications

Pia Rantakari, Norma Jäppinen, Emmi Lokka, Elias Mokkala, Heidi Gerke, Emilia Peuhu, Johanna Ivaska et al. 2016. "Fetal liver endothelium regulates the seeding of tissue-resident macrophages" Nature, doi:10.1038/nature19814

Pia Rantakari, Daniel Patten, Joona Valtonen, Marika Karikoski, Gerke Heidi et al. 2016. "Stabilin-1 expression defines a subset of macrophages which mediate tissue homeostasis and prevent fibrosis in chronic liver injury " Proc Natl Acad Sci doi: 10.1073/pnas.1604780113.

Calo Nicolas, Ramadori Pierluigi, Sobolewski Cyril, Romero Yannick, Maeder Christine, Fournier Margot, Rantakari Pia, et al. 2016. "Stress-activated miR-21/miR-21* in hepatocytes promotes lipid and glucose metabolic disorders associated with high-fat diet consumption." Gut doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2015-310822.

Pia Rantakari, Auvinen Kaisa, Jäppinen Norma, Kapraali Maria, Valtonen Joona, Karikoski Marika, et al. 2015. "The endothelial protein PLVAP in lymphatics controls the entry of lymphocytes and antigens into lymph nodes." Nature immunology doi:10.1038/ni.3101.

J, Weston Chris, Shepherd Emma L, Claridge Lee C, Rantakari Pia, Curbishley Stuart M, Tomlinson Jeremy W, et al. 2014. "Vascular adhesion protein-1 promotes liver inflammation and drives hepatic fibrosis." The Journal of clinical investigation doi:10.1172/JCI73722.