Central Animal Laboratory

The well trained and qualified personnel take care of the laboratory animals with consideration given to their welfare. The staff assists research groups in experimental procedures and, if necessary, carries out the whole experiment. Research groups are guided in the ethical use of laboratory animals and supported in technical questions regarding the use and handling of animals.

According to legislation, the Central Animal Laboratory (CAL) provides training in the theory and practice of care and use of laboratory animals for researchers and technicians, as well as voluntary workshop on handling lab animals.
In addition, CAL provides services for external clients based on different agreements and, if required,in compliance with OECD guidelines fulfilling GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) requirements.
Laboratory ensures that all the procedures are performed in accordance with internal and external quality assurance and follow the 3 R’s principals:
• REFINEMENT – methods which minimise suffering and improve animal welfare
• REDUCTION– methods which minimise the number of animals used per experiment
• REPLACEMENT – methods which avoid or replace the use of animals


LABORATORY ANIMAL SCIENCE COURSE 2019 - PGS_1675 Functions B, A, and D. Spring 2019, 20.3.-5.4.2019


UTU LAS PGS_1675 preliminary program.pdfUTU LAS PGS_1675 preliminary program.pdf


Central Animal Laboratory, Office
​Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4 A, 6th floor 
FI-20520 Turku
Matkapuh +358 (0) 40 700 4996
Matkapuh +358 (0) 40 569 6398

Manager, Veterinarian
Emrah Yatkin, DVM, PhD,
Docent of Laboratory Animal Science
Matkapuh. +358 50 341 5578