Biomaterials Science

Biomaterials are materials with synthetic or natural origin and by the use of biomaterials and biomaterial devices function of damaged tissues and organs are aimed to returned. Department of Biomaterials Science focuses on research and education of dental and medical biomaterials with a large international network. Activity of the Department is core for the Biomaterials Research Program by the Faculty of Medicine and BioCity Turku ( Main part of the research relates to nonmetallic and bioactive materials and patient-specific implants, and to dental materials. Laboratory research is made in large portion at the Turku Clinical Biomaterials Centre – TCBC. Clinical research is made in collaboration with the City of Turku and the Turku University Hospital. Department provides teaching for under graduate and postgraduate student in dentistry, medicine and health biosciences.



Professor, Director of TCBC, DDS, PhD, prosthodontist, CDT Pekka Vallittu
Docent, University Teacher, PhD (eng) Niko Moritz
Docent, PhD (chem.) Mervi Puska
Docent, PhD (chem.) Ilkka Kangasniemi
Docent, PhD (chem.) Jukka Matinlinna
TCBC Laboratory Head, DDS Lippo Lassila



Tarja Peltoniemi
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