Degrees in Nursing Science
Degrees of the Bachelor of Nursing Science (180 ECTS) and the Master of Nursing Science (120 ECTS) are two separate degrees. Students at the Department of Nursing Science in the University of Turku have nursing science as their major subject. Nursing science is a health scientific discipline, which studies taking care of the human being. The central objective is the understanding and developing of basic values, information foundation and skill foundation of the learning and teaching of the care practices and care.
The graduated Bachelors of Nursing Science and Masters of Nursing Science have readiness in creative, scientifically justifying tasks in the health field, for example in nursing management and various expert tasks. Furthermore, the teacher training produces the competence for the acting as teacher in Universities of Applied Sciences and other educational institutions of health care and social services. The student graduating with a degree of Master of Nursing Science are well placed in the working life.

Studying at the Department of the Nursing science

The degree of the Bachelor of Nursing Science takes appr. 1 year and the Master's degree takes additional two years. The studies consist of lectures, seminars, essays, network learning and practical training, mainly in Finnish.
Department of Nursing Science offers a wide range of possibilities for international exchange programs.

Further information:

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