Graduate Studies

Student choice and right to study

The students are chosen to the education which leads to the degree of a Bachelor of Nursing Science and a Master of Nursing Science. Students will have Nursing Science as major subject and one minor subject as compulsory.

Objectives of Education

The objectives of the education are based on the Government Degree on University Degrees (794/2004). The task of the education is to produce know-how based on nursing science. The graduated Bachelors of Nursing Science and Masters of Nursing Science have readiness in creative, scientifically justifying tasks of the health field. Furthermore, the teacher training produces the competence for the acting as the teacher in the polytechnics / Universities of Applied Sciences and in other educational institutions of health care and social services.

Most of the studies are held in Finnish.
» See what and how to study in English in the Department of Nursing Science, University of Turku.

Structure of the degrees and required studies

The degrees of the Bachelor of Nursing Science and the Master of Nursing Science are two separate degrees. The degrees include either:
  • Health sciences teacher training

 or one of the following minor subjects:

  • Older people nursing science
  • Clinical nursing science
  • Mental health nursing science

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 Projects and education