What and how to study in English at the Department of Nursing Science


1st week of September - 2nd week of December

Empowering learning environments in nursing education (EleneIP) (10 ECTS) HOIT4015

The aims are to bring together university students and staff in different countries to ensure high quality nurse educator education related to evidence-based teaching and outcomes concerning social media as a learning environment in nursing education in multicultural European context.


Empowering Patient Education module (EPE) (25 ECTS) HOIT4000

Containing five courses (5 ECTS each):
  1. Orientation and theoretical basis of empowering patient education,
  2. Diagnostics in empowering patient education,
  3. Patient education as an empowering intervention,
  4. Evaluation of empowering patient education, and
  5. Special issues in empowering patient education research.
Teaching methods: lectures, networking via Internet, individual paper, and seminar.


International Career in Health Sciences, Part 1: Implementation of Internationalization (2 ECTS) HOIT6704

Part 1 continues in Autumn 2018.

The content of the course:

  • Internationality in health sciences
  • International career from different perspectives (researcher, director, educator, others)
  • Alternatives for internationalization
  • Personal learning plan


3rd week of Jan - 2nd week of May


Clinical Instruments for Evaluating Health - Development, Evaluation and Implementation (CIDI) (25 ECTS) HOIT00316

Next course will start in January 2019
Containing three courses:
  1. Module I 5 ECTS
  2. Module II 10 ECTS
  3. Module III 10 ECTS
Course aims are:
  1. to introduce concept of instrument and principal methods of development, evaluation and implementation of an instrument in the healthcare settings
  2. to provide students with an understanding of techiques applicable to future instrument development and implementation
  3. to enhance skills for locating and critiquing published instruments
Teaching methods: lectures, networking via internet, individual paper and seminars

Evidence based practice (2 ECTS) HOIT6707

The content of the course
Facilitation of evidence-based practice is

  • Evidence-based decision-making process
  • Different implementation strategies
  • Identifying and analyzing needs for change in clinical practice
  • Outcome measures assessing change in clinical practice
  • Evidence utilization in mental health area
  • Facilitating and evaluating changes in clinical practice
  • Creating positive culture for evidence-based practice

Global Health Policy and Ethics in Health Care (5 ECTS) HOIT6713
Focus on technological aspects 

The content of the course:
  • Health from global perspective
  • Global health policy - strategic programs, action plans, main projects
  • Health care organizations from global perspective
  • Ethics in health care (rights, participation, empowerment)

Knowledge Management and Health Technology Supporting Clinical Work (5 ECTS) HOIT6701

Next course will start in Spring 2019.

The content of the course:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Medical/nursing devices, their development and usability
  • Technology supporting patient and patient care
  • Internet of things in nursing
  • Gamification of health
  • Smart hospital
  • Smart home

International Career in Health Sciences, Part 2: Implementation of Internationalization (3 ECTS) HOIT6705

Next course will start in Spring 2019.

The content of the course:

  •  Core competences for international networking
  • Job application and curriculum vitae

In addition, student can have tailored courses in English in the following subject areas to meet her/his learning agreement:

  • clinical nursing science
  • older people nursing science
  • mental health nursing science
  • value basis and ethics in nursing
  • nursing theory
  • nursing didactics
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