International collaboration
The Department of Nursing Science at the University of Turku has an active international collaboration both in research and education. We have established a strategy of international relations that is in line with the general objectives of the department.
The international collaboration in education consists of student and teacher exchange both at Master´s and postgraduate level. The international operation also consists of visits, research collaboration as well as societal and cultural influencing.
The student and teacher exchange is coordinated mainly through the European Union Erasmus exchange programme.
In addition, the department has some bilateral agreements with exchange opportunities.
The Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science also has a close co-operation with the European Academy of Nursing Science, Reflection Network , International Collaboration of Nurse Scholars, the Baltic Sea Region Network in Personalized Healthcare and Nordic doctoral training network.
In addition, students of the department have an opportunity to participate in several other exchange programmes offered by the University of Turku. Students may also join international research projects.

Doctoral candidates Jaana Koskenniemi & Johanna Pohjanoksa, professor Riitta Suhonen, doctoral candidate Sunna Rannikko and MNSc Suvi Sundgren at the 19th International Nursing Ethics Conference & 4th International Ethics in Care Conference in Cork, Ireland in September 2018.