Aims and degrees offered
Doctoral Candidates  at the Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science (DPNurs) are closely involved in departmental research projects. Graduates from the DPNurs programme gain the degree of  PhD (Health Sciences/Nursing Science).
Education at the Programme is governed by the Government Degree on University Degrees (1039/2013) according to which:
The aim of postgraduate education is that the student:

1) is well-versed in his/her own field of research and its social significance;

2) has gained knowledge and skills needed to apply scientific research methods independently and critically and to produce new scientific knowledge;

3) is conversant with the development, basic problems and research methods of his/her own field of research;

4) has gained such knowledge of the general theory of science and of other disciplines relating to his/her own field of research as enables him/her to follow developments in them;

5) has gained sufficient communication and language skills and other abilities to work in wide and demanding expert and development tasks and in international cooperation.


To be awarded a doctorate, the student must:

1) complete the required postgraduate studies;

2) demonstrate independent and critical thinking in the field of research; and

3) write a doctoral dissertation and defend it in public.

Both the Licentiate and the doctoral degree consist of 60 ECTS of theoretical studies including postgraduate studies in nursing science and research seminars (30–38 ECTS), as well as faculty studies related to the research field (22–30 ECTS).