The purpose of following the progress of doctoral studies and doctoral dissertation is to support doctoral candidate’s education, research and development as an official part of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) policy.


Annual Progress Report

  • At the end of academic year, doctoral candidates must report on their progress according to the principles of doctoral training at the University of Turku.
  • With progress reporting, doctoral candidates can systematically follow their learning and development of becoming a doctorate. 

Follow-up committee meeting

  • The follow-up committee consists of the doctoral thesis supervisor(s) and one to three other researchers who have a doctoral degree and who are familiar with the topic at hand. 
  • The doctoral candidate shall report to the follow-up committee for doctoral training annually about the progress of the doctoral training at least once a year in a meeting. 
  • In the follow-up committee meeting, doctoral candidates can discuss about emerged problems, their progress and ability to carry out independent academic research.
  • The meeting can be arranged in various ways, and we recommend to discuss about the arrangement details with their follow-up committee and also with supervisor(s). 

Career and Progress Discussions

  • There is a possibility to have a career and progress discussion with the supervisor.
  • In this discussion, the doctoral candidate can get feedback about their progress, career development and other significant matters.
  • The purpose is to support doctoral candidates' process of becoming a doctor, creating their own career path and other interests during and after doctoral studies.