International activity in the Department of Nursing Sciences

The Department of Nursing science is a part of international Nursing science community and the department has an active role in international collaboration in research and education. Students’   at the Department have several opportunities for international movement, such as student and teacher exchange, visiting research collaborations and conferences in both Master and postgraduate levels. Department also actively invites international collaboration partners from the other Universities to maintain and actively promote international collaboration between teachers as well as students. The Department of Nursing Science actively supports and encourages students to make the most of the study time and to use the opportunity of student exchange and to adopt the principles of international science network. The department has a strategy for international relations and movement which is updated and evaluated annual.
By the end of the current strategy for international relations and movement the Department of Nursing Sciences will be well known and recognized of its’ high quality of education and research. The Department will be one of the best international units and it is effective and active in international research projects. The Department of Nursing sciences will also be desired Department for international students and teachers for exchange.
The Department of Nursing sciences will especially improve collaboration between the Europe, Nordic Countries and the Baltic area. Department will insert an international education and teaching in the Faculty and international acts will be increased at the department effectively. The department will overall adopt more international atmosphere among teachers, students and the staff and will encourage international collaboration more effectively. Students’ and teachers’ exchange opportunities will be increased.
International strategy is a part of the strategy of department and will be evaluated annual.
Evaluation is based on specific criteria and indicators and the strategy will be improved based on them. Updating and improving strategy will be conducted by the international coordinator.