Research and developmental work
In the Department of Nursing Science, there are yearly two strategic days in the field of research. During these days, different actual research topics are discussed in collaboration with all faculty members. The topics include for example research ethics, funding, and risk management.
Furthermore, in the weekly meetings of faculty members the quality of research takes place as self-evaluation and analysis of the quantity and quality of publications. The goals of research are evaluated according to the quality indicators and goals for next year will be stated.
For assuring the quality of research, following indicators are named:
  • Yearly quantity and quality of research outcomes (mainly publications quantitative)
  • Funding for projects / programmes (economic)
  • International collaborators in publications
  • Ratio of external funding / basic funding
  • Products and processes of research projects
  • Statements of theses (master, licentiate, doctoral)
  • Participation in international research strategies and evaluation of projects / applications
  • Feed-back from practice-users
  • Evaluation of societal impact
  • Other possible indicators referring to the quality of research
Quality of research is supported as follows:
  • increase of knowledge of faculty members about general quality criteria of research
  • follow-up of research needs and trends in health care and society
  • support of faculty members to the commitment with research
  • clarifying the instructions and rules for establishing research groups
  • supportive atmosphere for new innovations