​Subject to possible changes. Last updated 13th of October 2018
Thursday 13th of December 2018
 Moderator: PhD Heli Virtanen

9.00‒9.30 Registration
9.30‒9.45 Opening and welcome to the symposium
9.45‒10.45 Empowering patient education
                                      – Development and future
Helena Leino-Kilpi, Professor, PhD, RN, University of Turku,
Department of nursing science
​10.45‒11.15 Empowering patient education
                                      – Theoretical underpinnings
Speaker to be confirmed
11.15‒11.45 Empowering patient education
​– Dialog and patient perspective
Speaker to be confirmed
12.00‒13.00 Lunch, at own expense
13.00‒14.00 Empowering patient education
                                      Methodological perspective
Andreas Charalambous, Assistant Professor at the Cyprus University of Technology and  Associate Professor at the University of Turku
14.00‒15.15 Research and development - Poster presentations
    • 15.15‒15.30 Refreshments
15.30‒16.00  Networking
Conference dinner
Time: 18.30‒21.30​
Venue: Hus Lindman, Piispankatu 15, Turku
Friday 14th of December 2018
Moderator: PhD Mervi Siekkinen
9.00‒9.15 Opening
9.15‒10.15 Informal caregiver' situation and empowerments

Adelaida Zabalegui, RN, PhD, FEANS, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Spain

10.30‒10.45 Refreshment break
10.45‒12.00 Clinical innovations - Poster presentations
Chairs Heli Virtanen, Jenni Koskinen
Poster presentations of EPE2018 students

12.00‒13.00 Lunch, at own expense
13.00‒14.00 Empowering patient education
                                       – Digitalization for future
Sanna Salanterä, Professor, PhD, RN, University of Turku,
Department of nursing science
14.00‒15.45 Problems and solutions: Workshop