International education - EPE course (25 ECTS)
Empowering Patient Education -project arrange education designed for international and  Finnish master and PhD -students in nursing and health sciences as well as for health care professionals working in nursing practice. The education includes Empowering Patient Education Course (25 ECTS). The international course Empowering Patient Education  is arranged yearly since 2008 and it contains five modules.
Empowering Patient Education Project leaders, Professor Helena Leino-Kilpi and Professor Sanna Salanterä were awarded the Producer Price of Learning Material by Faculty of Medicine in 2012 for Empowering Patient Education Course.


The cours​e aims at describing the theoretical and methodological basis for empowering patient education from the perspectives of patient, personnel, health care organization and society, deepening understanding of analyzing and implementing and doing research of the empowering patient education, and making judgements about empowering patient education in clinical settings and research.


Registration fee: 500,- €
Free for MNSc- and PhD-students

EPE Course 2017

Information on application

  • Study period: Autumn term 2017
  • Application deadline: August 15th 2017
  • All the applicants need to complete the registration form

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