Intestinal microbiology/Antibacterial effects of nanostructures

Description of Research

Gastrointestinal tract is the major surface for microbial colonization in the human body. Gut microbiota dysbiosis has been linked to several health-related conditions and it seems that the overall balance in the composition of gut bacteria and the presence of certain bacterial species is crucial for maintaining human health. The aim of our study group is to investigate the clinical role of gut microbiota in certain clinical conditions by studying both the composition and the metabolic capabilities of the gut bacteria.

Scientific Aims

  • Ecology of intestinal microbiota, normal microbiota and connections to clinical diseases
  • Development of microbiological identification methods
  • NGS, infection diagnosis
  • Antibactyerial effects of nanostructures

List of Personnel

Eveliina Munukka, PhD, senior researcher
Anniina Rintala, MS, reg doct candidate
Marianne Gunell, PhD, senior researcher

Selected Publications

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Rintala A, Munukka E, Weintraub A, Ullberg M, Eerola E. Evaluation of a
multiplex real-time PCR kit Amplidiag® Bacterial GE in the detection of bacterial
pathogens from stool samples. J Microbiol Methods. 2016 128:61-5.

Mokkala K, Röytiö H, Munukka E, Pietilä S, Ekblad U, Rönnemaa T, Eerola E,
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