Host cell signaling in bacterial infection (Cellular microbiology-laboratory)​​

Description of research:


Cellular microbiology-laboratory studies molecular mechanisms of the host cell-bacterial pathogen interaction. We aim to understand how host cell signaling is regulated in bacterial infection to orchestrate pathogen clearance, and how pathogen utilizes secreted proteins to counterattack the host anti-bacterial responses. The special focus is on post-translation modification called ADP-ribosylation. Our ultimate goal is to gain knowledge allowing development of new and targeted therapeutics for emerging antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 


The special focus of the Cellular microbiology-laboratory is on zoonotic (transmission from animals to human) bacterial pathogens such as those belonging to bacterial genera BartonellaLeptospira and SalmonellaTo support our structural and functional genomics-driven projects on secreted immunomodulatory bacterial proteins, we conduct research with a number of national and international collaborators on field (various mammals, e.g. bats and rodents as well as insects, e.g. ticks and flies) and clinical samples in detection, isolation and sequencing of strains with novel properties. At the same time, we increase awareness of zoonotic bacterial pathogens and associated emerging infectious diseases.   


Members of the research group:


Katja Näreoja, PhD (post doc) 

Moona Miettinen, MSc (PhD student)
Madhukar Vedantham, MSc (PhD student)​
Olli Laaksoaho (biomedical student)​
Rita Pinto, BSc (Erasmus exchange student)

Sakina Begum, BSc (MSc student)
Arttu Laisi (medical student)
Antti Kaatiala (medical student)

Selected publications: 


Miettinen, M., Vedantham, M., and Pulliainen, A.T. (2019) Host poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs) in acute and chronic bacterial infections. Microbes and Infection (in press)

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Loimaranta, V., Hepojoki, J., Laaksoaho, O., and Pulliainen, A.T. (2018) Galectin-3-binding protein – a multitask glycoprotein with innate immunity functions in viral and bacterial infections. Journal of Leukocyte Biology 104:777-786. 


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Funding sources:

Academy of Finland

Sigrid Jusélius Foundation

The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

Emil Aaltonen Foundation

Turku University Foundation

University of Turku

Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine (TuDMM)


Updated: May_2019