Cell cycle regulator secrin as a prognosticator in breast cancer

​Description of Research

Some of the most essential steps of cell cycle progression occur during metaphase-anaphase transition. In this event, genetic stability is controlled through a complex signaling network aiming at maintaining chromosomal cohesion by blocking mitosis and securing the mitotic spindle until sister chromatid segregation is complete. Disruption of this intrigue interaction results in incorrect DNA content and structure predicting aggressive behavior of malignant disease. Also in breast cancer, deregulated proliferation has been recognized among the most important factors predicting the clinical outcome of the disease.

The study focuses on a set of genes and their proteins acting in metaphase-anaphase transition ie. securin, separase, Pttg1IP, Cdc20, Cdc27, Mad2, cohesin and APC/C. We are conducting translational research to investigate the role and regulation of these proteins in human breast cancer, and in prognostication of disease outcome. In this research we apply methods of histology, immunohistochemistry, cell biology and molecular pathology. The aim of our study is to identify patient subgroups, predict the clinical outcome and understand the behavior of the disease with help of the studied cell cycle regulators.

Selected Publications

Gurvits N, Repo H, Löyttyniemi E, Nykänen M, Anttinen J, Kuopio T, Talvinen K, Kronqvist P. Regulation and prognostic value of subcellular localization of securin in human breast cancer. Cell Oncol in press 2015.

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Talvinen K, Karra H, Pitkänen R, Ahonen I, Nykänen M, Lintunen MM, Söder-ström M, Kuopio T, Kronqvist P. Low cdc27 and high securin expression predict short survival for breast cancer patients. APMIS 2013, 121:945-953.

Karra H, Pitkänen R, Nykänen M, Talvinen K, Kuopio T, Söderström M, Kronqvist P. Securin predicts aneuploidy and survival in breast cancer. Histo-pathology 2012, 60:586-596.