Alpha2-Adrenoceptors as targets for drug development

Description of Research

α2-Adrenoceptors of humans and other vertebrates are members of the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily and represent important drug targets. Three subtypes of these receptors are expressed in humans; the aim of this project is to identify approaches to selectively exploit subtype-selectivity in drug development. It is expected that this approach will help to identify agents with improved benefit-harm ratios.

α2A-Adrenoceptors mediate sedative and anaesthetic effects, regulate pain pathways, control the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, promote vasodilatation by stimulation of endothelial NO production, and inhibit insulin release from pancreatic β-cells. α2B-Adrenoceptors mediate vasoconstriction and promote proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells. α2C-Adrenoceptors in the central nervous system are involved in regulation of neurotransmitter release and mediate complex modulatory effects on cognitive functions. The research employs methods ranging from molecular modelling and structural biology to clinical trials of novel pharmaceuticals. Gene-targeted mice have provided valuable model systems for the identification of subtype-specific receptor functions and applications.

Selected Publications

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