Novel Treatment Strategies for Endocrine Tumors

​Description of Research

Our study the underlying molecular mechanisms of hormonally regulated cancers (i.e. prostate, ovarian, testicular and adrenocortical), search for their novel biomarkers and treatment. We recently tested the potential of tumor specific zona pellucida antigen-3 immunization to enhance therapeutic effects in several hormonally regulated cancers. We have used successfully conjugated lytic peptides to eradicate only cancer cells through their specific gonadotropin receptors (such as lhcgr). We use transgenic murine endocrine cancer metastatic disease models and immortalized cell lines to test the feasibility of novel treatment strategies starting at cellular, in vivo in TG mice and finally aim for human clinical trials. Current Research topics /fields: hormonally regulated cancers; prostate, ovarian, adrenocortical & gonadal cancers and novel biomarkers; gonadotropins and their receptors; estrogen actions on fertility; immunotherapy and receptor-targeted conjugated lytic peptides as cancer drugs; transgenic murine models for human diseases

Members of the research group

Marcin Chrusciel, senior scientist/postdoctoral fellow
Milena Doroszko, Ph.D. student (TuDMM funded)

Selected Publications

Li X, Li H, Jia L, Li X, Wang Z and Rahman N. Oestrogen action and male fertility: experimental and clinical findings. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 2015 Oct;72(20):3915-30.

Kurowicka B, Chrusciel M, Zmijewska A, Doroszko M, Kotwica G and Rahman N. Distinct testicular steroidogenic response mechanisms between neonatal and adult heat-acclimated male rats. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 2015;35(5):1729-43

Wanpeng Y, Han Z, Wei L, Astushi T, Yong Z, Xiaoyan Z, Hongwen Z, Jihua W, Daishu H, Rahman N, Korach K, Gao GF, Ituro I and Li  X. Estrogen promotes Leydig cell engulfment by macrophages in male infertility. 
Journal of Clinical Investigation 2014 Jun2;124(6):2709-21

Chrusciel M,  Vuorenoja S, Mohanty B, Rivero-Müller A, Li X, Toppari J, Huhtaniemi I and Rahman N. Transgenic GATA-4 expression induces adrenocortical tumorigenesis in C57Bl/6 mice. Journal of Cell Science Apr 2013;126(Pt 8):1845-57

Rahman N., Bennink HJTC, Chrusciel M, Sharp V, Zimmerman Y, Dina R, Li X, Ellonen A, Rivero-Muller A, Dilworth S, Ghaem-Maghami S, Vainio O, and  Huhtaniemi I. A novel treatment strategy for ovarian cancer based on immunization against zona pellucida protein (ZP) 3.  The FASEB Journal 2012 Jan;26(1):324-33.