The responsibilities of Virology include research, education, and providing society with virological diagnostic services and virological expertise.

Our knowledge on the structure and replication of viruses, and on the effects of viral infection on the cells, are the keystones of our virological research. We apply current methods of virology and molecular biology to clinical virology research and to studies of experimental disease models. We apply our virological knowledge also to development of viral vectors for gene therapy research.

We employ basic virology in research projects, where we use cell culture and organotypic culture models. For studies we have a good selection of different viral laboratory strains and also viral isolates derived from clinical specimens. We elucidate the pathogenesis and tropism of viruses, as well as mechanisms of latent virus infections, and the host responses to the virus infections. Research on antiviral drugs is also part of our profile. The special topics of clinical virology research are respiratory infections, infections of the central nervous system, and infections of the immunocompromized. Many collaborators representing the Turku University Hospital are involved in these projects.

Training and education are part of our key activities. Basic virology courses to students of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health biosciences are offered in collaboration with Medical Microbiology and Immunology. Virology has been a very popular venue for master's studies in biosciences. Our special selective courses Molecular Virology and Clinical Virology are regularly available for doctoral students, specialist trainees, and to others interested in advanced virology studies. Our research groups provide suitable study projects for doctoral and postdoctoral trainees. Virology contributes to postgraduate and professional training in many national and international meetings, courses, and symposia. The Department of Virology is regularly involved in organizing international virological meetings and symposia, and our senior investigators act as experts in many international organizations. At Virology it is possible to get specialist training in Clinical Microbiology and Hospital Microbiology.





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